About Caitelen

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Check out Caitelen’s new album, UNDONE BY GRACE

Caitelen is a singer/songwriter, poet, recording artist, and worship leader. She is also, most importantly, a mom to two beautiful daughters, and wife to an amazingly supportive husband who pastors a church in downtown Phoenix. She observes afternoon tea-time, works with herbs, nerds out about essential oils, dabbles in musical theatre, and serves in ministry alongside her husband.

Her music is vocally forward and lyrically emphatic, influenced early on by the likes of Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Jewel, and Over The Rhine, among others. Stylistically, she might also be compared to The Civil Wars, Sara Bareilles, Audrey Assad, and Agnes Obel. She strives for authenticity in her songwriting that reflects the ebb and flow of doubt and faith, and the beauty, longing, and awe of living in the “now and not yet.”


“…an amazing singer, thoughtful lyricist, and a generally just great person to be around…” - The Real Matt Jones, Singer/songwriter

“Musically [Dark Is Light] is rich- It’s filled with a powerful vocals, compelling harmonies and tension / release that will leave you wanting more….” -Bryan Lopez, Worship leader, Pastor / Elder at Redemption Church, an Acts29 Church Plant

“The whole production is restrained and uncluttered, which creates the perfect frame to highlight Caitelen’s stunning voice….” – Ken Byrd



About Caitelen The Herbalist:

One of my other passions is working with herbs and plants. When baby #1 had her first diaper rash, I sought the help of my midwife, who is an excellent herbalist. She taught me how to make and use the sweet, healing balm, called “salve.”  Soon after, I was playing with variations on her recipe and experimenting with new herbs. Thus, I began my journey as somewhat of a community herbalist, hungrily reading and learning as much as I could about using herbs in various forms. I continue to take a posture of learning and only sell what I have used and can vouch for. I have been amazed to experience how gentle and effective herbs can be, and how responsive the body can be to their healing properties. Our Creator is so amazing!

I believe in a well-rounded approach to health which also includes exercise, whole, full-fat, real foods, essential oils, homeopathy, chiropractic care, and most importantly a healthy relationship with God!

Visit my “Herb Store” page to check out the products I sell, and contact me if you are interested in purchasing.

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